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 Interactions and Structures in Nuclei - 7~9 September 1987

A conference arranged in conjunction with The Institute of Physics and the European Physical Society to celebrate the 65th birthday of Sir Denys Wilkinson FRS

                                                                                Wilkinson conference 0.jpeg

Denys Wilkinson, who died in April 2016, was Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sussex from 1976-1987. He was an eminent experimental nuclear physicist, so much so that Oxford University, where he worked before coming to Sussex, named their science block the Sir Denys Wilkinson Building in 2002. Although as Vice-Chancellor he played little part in Physics at Sussex, the meeting to celebrate his 65th birthday was held here in the Gardner Centre (now the Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts). I recently (and inadvertently) came across the conference programme and thought it sufficiently interesting to scan and post on this site.

David Bailin, November 2016.