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Unsolved questions: can you help?[edit]

  1. When did the Friday morning Subject Group meetings begin?
  2. When was the Physics Committee formed? What was its formal remit?
  3. In which year did the formal Physics postgraduate lecture system begin, and in which year did a formal post-grad examination system begin?
  4. Did anyone ever keep a list of Colloquium speakers?
  5. When did the undergraduate exchange scheme with Uppsala begin?
  6. Anyone want to write about the "minor" subjects? In the beginning, there were PM, MP and Q. What were the other programmes, and when did they start?
  7. We do not have a complete set of MAPS School Guides. In particular, those for 1968-9, 1969-70, 1973-4 and 1976-7 are missing. If you have any of these we would very much like a copy. Please contact us if you can help.