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Information about people connected with the department


List of people who held various posts in the department

Staff members

The numbers of people in different categories of research-related staff as a function of time are shown in the graphs below, taken largely from early prospectuses and then from the MAPS School Guides; for astronomy, the annual reports published in Quarterly Journal of the RAS were also used.(S)RF = (Senior) Research Fellow; TF = Tutorial Fellow (some of these later became lecturers).

If anyone who reads this has old School Guides for the years with missing data, the moderators would be very glad to receive a copy so that we can fill in the gaps. Information for the years 1995-2010 would also be appreciated - sadly, there are not the same convenient summary sources.

Individual people who held faculty and related positions in the department, with dates, are given on a separate page.

Technical and secretarial staff are covered to some extent in the previous entry.

The source for the information on these pages is the same as for the graphs below. Again, further information would be appreciated.

Robert Smith, September 2011


In memoriam

Les Allen

David Axon

David Bailin

Douglas Brewer

Roger Blin-Stoyle

Peter Christiansen

Peter Dawber

Brian Easlea

Phil Elliott

Tony Evans

Sandy Grassie

Dennis Hamilton

Wolfgang Lange

Bill McCrea

Giuseppe Martelli

Mike Pendlebury

Michael Radcliffe

Eric Sanderson

Brian Smith

Ken Smith

Roger Tayler


Reminiscences from (and of) faculty members, past and present

Les Allen

Gabriel Barton

Brian Easlea

Colin Finn

Sandy Grassie

Nigel Holloway

Geoff Jones

Tony Leggett

Roy Turner

Maurice Wilford

Reminiscences from visiting faculty

Stanley Brodsky

Reminiscences from former postdocs

Tim Jones

Reminiscences from former students

Andy Andrews

Maria Angulo

Augusto Barroso

Gordon Edwards

Saime Göksu

John Gribbin

Derek Lea

Rick Marshall


Reminiscences from former technical staff

Malcolm Strong

Reminiscences from former secretarial staff

Sally Church

Hazel Freeman